Becoming a better programmer: one new technology per month

I have been trying to do this for quite sometime but it was hard for keep it, specially when there are a lot of pending work stuff. The idea is to learn a new technology per month. It can a framework, a programming language or a concept. It doesn’t matter. The main idea is to keep […]

Exporting PowerDNS zones to Cloudflare: AXFR mode

Cloudflare does its best to detect all DNS records on your domain but if you have a complex setup with uncommon subdomains it won’t detect everything. You can import your DNS records by uploading a BIND zone file, unfortunately you might be using another server like PowerDNS. One way that I found out is to […]

Testing Focus@Will

Three days ago I found out about about this amazing service called Focus@Will. It’s a service that promises to improve your focus while working by using the right music ( more info at their FAQ ). It’s a bit earlier for any permanent conclusions but just after the first section I started to get some […]